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Sleepshape lattenbodems

These bed bases are made specifically for water sports and are available for non-standard bed shapes..

Easy to detach at every point

Need easy access to your hatches. You can, these bed bases are made to be easy to detach and roll up for storage.

Bed bases

Prevent moisture in your mattress and sleep as comfortable as at home. We sell various types of bed and bases that are suitable for your boat.

The Standard bed base is simple and flexible in placement with 32 pieces of 8 mm thick curved laminated beech wood slats. This is a patented slatted system, available in any shape and size. These bed bases are available in up to 100 cm wide or 140 cm for a double bed. The length is 205 cm. This can be expanded as desired. The total height is only 50 mm. This slat system has excellent air and moisture regulating properties. Moisture problems are a thing of the past.

The bed base system has originally no adjustable headboard. You can order this extra. The bed base has a ‘zone’ adjustment, with this the slatterns can be adjusted in both hardness end flexibility. The bed base system lays lose in the bedframe because of this its easily removable, so you can reach the hatches beneath.

Beside that you can easily roll the whole system up, and disconnect the slatterns at any point.

The Standard slatted base can be expanded with an adjustable head end for even more comfort. These adjustable headboards are available in various widths; 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 100 cm.

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