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Insulation classes

Insulation class 1:
A really warm duvet, perfect for cold bedrooms and people who have it cold easily.
Insulation class 2:
these duvets are best for our climate and most people will enjoy them.
Insulation class 3:
for people who are hot easy and or sleep in heated bedrooms.
Insulation class 4:

Real summer duvets. Comfortable even in the hottest nights.


We deliver all shapes and sizes Ducky Dons duvets.

Ducky Dons is one of our most leading manufactures, with duvets and pillows out of Europa, they have two modern factories in Ermelo, because there so close we have fast delivery. If you order from our website you will have them within 3-5 workdays.

In our showroom we have multiple examples that you can order.

Come and visit us and ask about the possibilities!

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