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Like new again

Often with minor repairs again your sofa, chair or saddle is like new again!

Quick and with care

A loose seam, a new path in a car seat or an adjustment, no problem!

Repair work

Your couch and armchair, but also on your boat and your caravan they are lived on, they are where you eat and drink. Unfortunately you cannot always prevent things going wrong. Accidents with food, you accidentally knock over your coffee or your children to wipe their hands off your furniture. luckily Upholstery Klaver also does Repair work.

This often leads to stains in your upholstery. This does not necessarily mean the end for your beautiful sofa or cushions in your boat or caravan. Because there are good cleaning products for both leather and fabric upholstery. You can come to us or order maintenance products via our web shop.

Unfortunately, sometimes it goes wrong anyway. Your dog makes an unfortunate jump on the sofa and you can hear it tear! You see it directly, that part must be replaced. Not only that but the seat of your motorcycle, you have had standing well covered in your shed for years, can at a given time really be in need of a new piece of leather. A tear in your boats sail, a loose seam in your beautiful decorative pillow, a worn car seat, an ottoman discoloured by the sun or even an old, worn crib can be repaired / upholstered by us.

Through what are often small repairs you can enjoy the furniture you love for many more years.

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