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And if you want to do it yourself, you can contact us.

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In our showroom we have a wide choice of colours, materials, characteristics and qualities.


Even if you want to do it yourself, you can contact us. Are you a familiar with a sewing machine? Are you handy with needle and thread? Then you can get started right now. We offer you aftermarket sales of fabric, alcantara, (remnants) leather and skay. We also sell webbing, springs, many kinds of polyether, synthetic cotton, studs, aggrement bands and upholstered buttons..

In our showroom you will find a wide collection of beautiful upholstery and leather and skay in an unprecedented amount colours. Our staff will advise you on the quality of the various upholstering materials. You will be surprised about the choice and options that you have. Below is a small list of our selected suppliers.

1. De Ploeg
High qualitiy furniture fabrics

2. Kvadrat
Colour and simplicity

3. Winter Creation Alcantara
Elegance, Style and attention to detail

4. Ohmann Leer
Quality and service since 1934

5. Bruno Monte Leer
The best furniture leather in every color.

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